Until further notice, we will be conducting Sunday morning drive-in services at 10 am. As far as we can tell, these are in accordance with Executive Orders 22 and 23 as issued by the governor while allowing us to meet together. For those who would like to join us, please follow the instructions on this page.


In order to accommodate the most cars in our lot, traffic and parking should flow as shown below. Men will be present in the parking lot to direct traffic both at the start of services and at the end.

Service Overview &Audio Connection Instructions


  • Please enter the parking lot as indicated in the image above (not our normal entrance) - drive around the building and enter by the Spring Hill Antique Market.
  • Ushers will direct you where to park and distribute audio connection instructions and sanitized song books to everyone arriving.

    Instructions (after you are parked)

  1. Log-in via phone (in order to avoid feedback only use ONE phone per car).
  2. Dial 720-902-7700 like a regular phone call.
  3. When a voice asks for a meeting number enter 1488 316 971 then #.
  4. You are now on the call.
  5. Hit the mute button and keep yourself muted the whole time.
  6. Due to a 1 second lag. keep your windows up. When we sing, we invite everyone to roll down their car windows so we can sing together.
  7. Stay in your family's car -  no kids swapping cars :)

    The Lord's Supper

  • Two of the men wearing gloves will approach each car's windows to serve the bread and juice
  • Please make sure every person desiring to partake is sitting by a window.
  • Take only your cup of bread or cup of fruit of the vine - please do not touch the tray.
  • Keep your cups for your own disposal.
  • Be mindful to not cough in the direction of the trays.   

    The Collection

  • We will continue to collect for the work of the church (1 Cor. 16).
  • This is NOT something we ask visitors to participate in - it is a privilege and responsibility of the members of this group.
  • Two of the men will approach each car's driver side window with a sac to collect any contributions

   Dismissal (once services are concluded)

  • Ushers will collect song books from visitors' cars (members should keep their song books for weekly use).
  • Ushers will direct the exit of cars.